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I don’t know how it happened but it did. I somehow fixed all my broken or missing puzzle pieces of myself last night. They’re still crinkled and bent but they’re all there and where they need to be now. And I couldn’t feel better, mentally, at the moment :)


I keep trying to tell myself “you’re fine. Everything is okay. You can do this” five seconds later I’m balling again. I can’t do this.

Vent vent vent vent vent…VENT!

Better :)


Greatest gift.

Nothing better than losing someone you love with everything you got the day before Christmas eve.


Wow. Merry freaking Christmas to me.

Forget you

Some people told me to get off of tumble… Well, this is my venting place…I got rid of it for quite some time but it all goes back to the fact that I can’t get rid of the feelings I have, the emotions I need to let out. So forget everyone. I need to vent.


For the past two days, this little dinosaur has been hitchhiking on my side mirror.image

And every time I go back to my car, he’s just chilling on top of the mirror, ready to go.


The dude’s hella confused though. He sees himself in the mirror and tries to attract himself to himself


And sometimes it looks like he fell off …




This is adorable!

Yes, yes it would.

Yes, yes it would.